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Desert Ace Tours & Charters

adding a big dollop of imagination


Overwhelmed by all the information online
and no time to figure out how to put it all together?

Desert Ace does all that for you efficiently and inventively. We use our local knowledge of the towns and places we live and breath in to give you truly up-to-date recommendations, so there is no one better to help you put your trip together.


"We specialize in designing each holiday around a client’s needs and preferences, the result is an individually-created itinerary which is big on imagination and catered around each individual's interests."


Highlights include a 6-day ‘Live Well’ trip, which can include yoga classes, hot air ballooning across the Namib Desert, dolphin sighting and seal feeding on a boat cruise and learning about the traditions and practices of local tribes.

Our mission is to provide a professional service that meets your every need beyond your expectations. We treat each client as an individual and do our utmost to bring you a unique first-hand experience of the unspoiled beauty of our exceptional country. 

Our pride is to create top quality holiday itineraries, and most importantly unforgettable memories. Desert Ace are specialist with catering to every type of your needs, thereby ensuring a once in the life time experience while traveling with us. We invite you to come and discover, explore and experience Namibia "the land of the brave", with Desert Ace Tours & Charters as your travel companion. 

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Wonderful trip with the help of Desert Ace and the team!

"Being based in London, planning our first trip to Southern Africa seemed a bit daunting but with the help and experience of the Desert Ace tours team it really was a dream holiday. With a couple of days relaxing at the luxury resort of Zimbali and then hiking in the beautiful Drakensburg mountains, our holiday was exactly what we were looking for."


London, United Kingdom