Namibia has had every aspect of its history imprinted on the cities, the towns, the architecture, the cuisine and the people. Unearthing our history, language and cultures can be one of the most rewarding aspects of Namibian travel. Dip your toe into the melting pot of cultures that is Namibia and keep going until you’re out of your depth with a blend of experiences to help you piece together what it means to be a local.


In order to create the holiday you'll remember for years to come, we want to get to know you. Don't just tell us where you want to go - tell us how you want to feel and we'll make it happen. Our trips are not just about the physical experience but are also designed to encompass emotive experiences such as celebration, connection, indulgence, romance or replenishment. Create your Desert Dream here.


The process is simple: complete our online profile, highlighting your preferences and interests during your time in Namibia and our local experts will create a personalized itinerary for your trip. From spending a day touring the townships and drinking a local beer at the shebeen / tavern, to learning the way of the ancient Himba tribe and understanding the importance of the ochre paste they use to colour their bodies, an in-depth and comprehensive plan includes bespoke advice on the most up-to-date and off the beaten path sights, events and activities.

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